Pipeline Script
License this script – –US$299 (PC-Maya 2011-2014) + US$ 10 per user
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This is a Pipeline Script I wrote for managing a workflow, so people working on a environment wont make any naming mistakes.

The price for the Software is US$ 199. To add users is US$10 each.

New Tools (User interface integration & User management)
Pipeline Script (New Tools)

Full Feature List:
-List and Set Projects Easily
-Create Ordered Projects from a Template
-Deals with Ma and Mb extensions
-Shortcuts for opening most used folders in each project (explorer)
-Built-in function for cleaning Namespace
-Open files and gives all kind of infos as well as thumbnails
-Files can be listed by user and oflder
-Easily transform a incremental save file to a published file
-Overwritten published files are saved on the restore folder by date
-Padronized referencing filed made easy
-Asset Manager that zips files with textures and referenced files included
-User Management System
-Full integration to Maya Interface

Documentation and Help:

Email me if you want to license it:

Pipeline Manager