Origami Script
License this script – 99US$ (PC-Maya 2011-2014 / Mac-Maya 2012,2013) 

This is a script I wrote for creating origami effect quickly. You just need to select the pieces in the order you want them to unfold. Set the parameters and the script does the rest. Another example:
Origami Script

 New Features are market in Yellow

How to Use:

1-Install Mel Protector.
a) Copy the folder provided to your C:\Program Files\Autodesk\MayaXXXX\bin\plug-ins
c) Click BROWSE and find MELprotector.mll
d) Check both LOAD and AUTO LOAD in the PLUGIN MANAGER

2- Run the script
a) Go to the script editor (WINDOW>GENERAL EDITORS>SCRIPT EDITOR) and write RRMPSource 
b) In the script editor select COMMAND>EXECUTE and in the window that shows, select Origami_mpc.mel

3- Prepare the mesh. You must split the polygon into faces. THEY DONT NEED TO BE TRIANGLES ANYMORE. That can be done manually by splitting faces or automatically by selecting the objects and clicking EXPLODE OBJECTS TO FACES (new feature on the script)

NEW >> Once you run the script for the first time, you can click CREATE AUTO LICENSE SHELF and just click on the origami_XX_mpc.mel . Now you dont have to enter the license everytime you run the script.

Description of the Process:
1) For the script to work, you need to shift-select adjacent faces in the order you want them to unfold then click GET SOURCE OBJECTS
2) Adjust the settings as you like then click GENERATE

Key: Enter your license key to unlock the plugin, a trial version will limit the unfolds to 4
Animation: If you want the script to animate for you or just setup the hierarquy (PS: Animation will start at the frame where you are currently)
Frame Lengh: How many frames it will take to unfold every individual piece
Visibility Clip: Hides the later pieces showing them only when they are moving
Angle: The angle ehre the unfold piece will start movement. 180 would coincide with the last piece so choose a lower number
Alternate: Will alternate this angle as + / – until the end of the animation (+179,-179,+179 etc)
Reverse Animation(FOLD): Reverses the animation (FOLD)
Tangent: You can now choose key interpolation

Email me if you want to license it:



Origami Script